Exercise 6

Work process

  1. Team decides the type(s) of customers/users which are focused on an innovation process
  2. Team chooses which research methods are used in gaining customer understanding (motivations, needs, problems, challenges, successes etc.)
  3. Team member familiarizes oneself with the reading on a research method.
  4. Each team member collects customer data using the method, check the potential questions that were generated in class
  5. Each team member organizes and analyses collected data and draw preliminary findings in the form of a story.


  • Each team member presents the key elements of a research process and the developed story to other team members on the first day of the intensive week. Bring visual material e.g. pictures, videos etc. to class.

Silva’s notes from previous class discussion:



How do we apply the app in real life

How to get companies interested in an app like this

Marketing this app to individual users ( how to do it, is this a general issue)

How do we go about making and implementing the idea

Would an app like this become a trend

How often do people have this problem

Would companies see this as a benefit or a risk to business


What is the best was to implement system

What sorts of businesses could use this

How could we incentives businesses to join

Fast food chains?

Revenues? What would they be

My Tran:

What is the targeted group for the system

Who can benefit from the app

What will it bring to the target group


What is our topic

Where else can this be applied

How do we get companies to get on board

How to we monetize

Does it solve a problem

Why would companies tell people not to come



What are the costs?

What are the benefits? Revenues?


What do I have to do?

Employee rep:

How will this affect my employee’s day-to-day activities


How do I use this

Can I trust it

Does it work well in real-time

3rd round of questions:

1. what is our topic? (group)

2. How will companies benefit from this innovation

3. Does this solve a problem (how big is this problem)

4. How do we go about implementing the idea

The User Picture Interview is a method that combines aspects of Photo Ethnography and Ethnographic Interview.
Develop protocol-> Ask participants to take pictures-> Interview participants


In today’s busy lifestyle, many people are rushing and struggling in finding a place to park their cars in the center of Helsinki. Helsinki is a busy capital city with 604,380(31.12.2012) people live in Helsinki, and 1,360,000 live in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

New small medium size helpful app developing company is interested in making life of a Helsinki resident a lot easier by a Parking App.
A design team working on this project must be able to understand what, how and why people struggles to find a parking place in busy Helsinki area through structured, ethnographic research involing 8 extreme participants.
The User Pictures Interview was one of the methods used.

Participants will be given instructions with examples of the types of pictures they should take to self document their parking situation every day in 2 weeks time. The goal is to capture the situation of all parking places at a different times with different people and purpose as well as their direction.

parking space parking-space-open-full-signs_banner_1342612788

Using a shared device to interview the participants to recall all the details of the pictures they take. By that, design a solution for their problems through the APP developing process.


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