09:04 Start the discussion with agreed agenda

It should describe with your objectives, what you want to achieve. It should include the audience: customers, employees and so on. Tools as tables/ timetables. Luca (from Hieran)

Policy approach, providing stakeholders all the information that they need.Who has authority to do the plan (Aleksi)

CP is about everyone, all the time, everywhere, verbally, physically presenting the messages of the company (Heidi)

  • Why do you want to communicate with the community?  (What’s your purpose?)
  • Whom do you want to communicate it to?  (Who’s your audience?)
  • What do you want to communicate?  (What’s your message?)
  • How do you want to communicate it?  (What communication channels will you use?)
  • Whom should you contact and what should you do in order to use those channels?  (How will you actually distribute your message?)


What channels (Heidi asked) : general channels like: newspaper, online, radio, etc.  Budget is a key element in the CP as well (Aleksi). How much money will you use for the CP.

Trends: Infographic, social media guidelines. Trends mostly are social medias. 

More and more customer orientation plan is another trend. (if you focus on customer. (James)

Types: Crisis communication plan (james), all companies have different ways of doing the CP.

CP is not a fixed plan, should be dynamic, should adapt to the organisation’s new opportunity or challenges. CP should always be adaptable (Aleksi)

Tools: 3 directional approach for 2 dimensional results. 

What- get? Who

What-give? Who

Not only about information but also decisions what you need to make (Luca)

(Support Aleksi’s viewpoint): 7 elements of good marketing CP

  1. It is participative, dynamic, flexible, audience-driven, It combines the best of PR and Marketing, It contains a mix of strategy and tactic, It is doable (James)

STEPS for good CP


Step 0: Strategic setup

Step 1: Audience

Step 2: Key messages

Step 3: Channels

(TAKE ACTION) Step 4:Indicators/measures (Evaluation) (James) 

Step 0 should be goals and objectives

Confusion: (which should be the order): Make clear your target audience + set your goals (Anne Marie)

It’s different between B2B (goals + audience) and B2C (customer first then goals) (Heidi)

ccmc pbl 6

Should start with the type of companies

Step 0: Who are we? What we want to achieve

Prioritize step includes the crisis management (Aleksi, AWWA Journal and BCH CBD on “How to create a communication plan”)

All communication tools are almost exactly the same, but it depends on types of companies.

Who is actually responsible for writting down the plan? (asked Luca)

Communication professionals will be hired (Aleksi’s company)

Different people from different teams (Ruud’s case)

Some companies don’t have a concrete CP and went with the flow  (Aleksi)

Not everyone agreed that we should go with the flow.

Ivana Helsinki is one of Finland fashion plan ( not good CP because they just go with the flow). Within the fashion industry they might be known, but to the general public, the one who buys the clothes , they are unknown. But maybe that’s there plan.

Conclusion: Internal, external, everyone every time is an ambassador for the company. (Heidi)

Most important thing is the objective should be smart. Lots of tools to track if they click the email, etc.(Email marketing) (Anna Marie)

How to measure the effectiveness of your CP:

  • Effectiveness Success Rate
  • Efficiency


Survey research should not be used because its cost. Alternatively, These include tracking the number of customer calls to an information line, the number of hits on the utility’s website, the number of presentations made, the amount and nature of media coverage, the amount of legislative support for programs, and the level of public participation in utility decisions (Aleksi)

Average working days lost?


  • Benchmark prior to starting
  • Identify mix of outputs and outcomes
    • Outputs are a measure of your efforts.
    • Outcomes are the changes that occur (James)

Conclusion: Ideally, success is measured by the extent to which the plan helped the organization achieve its goals.

What recommendations should we give Ivana Helsinki?

Clarifying who they are, they should establish themselves to whoever want to know.

Closing + Observer

Anne’s picture:

Opening new task

Social Media
New ways of discussing
PROBLEM: How to use Social Media marketing effectively in building/developing brand? (B2B, B2C, brand building/developing)
Objective *: Youtube, facebook, instagram, linkedin,
1. Social Media? Channels-> How to choose the most effective platform for your company?
2. How to measure the impact of SM Marketing?
  • How to analyze Social Media activity?
3. How to apply?
  • Trends and examples of different impacts.
Key words:

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